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Come on out to the next meeting!

You don't have to be a member! You can attend as many as 3 meetings as a guest and then decide if the Club is for you.

Benefits of membership - attend the entire season of 14 meetings from October thru May for only $10 and enjoy free coffee, tea and refreshments. Access presentations made at meetings, receive email notices about significant events for computer users and our list of suggested software, plus ask the Technical Support Team for the answers to your most vexing computer problems!

It's easy to join or renew - If you can attend meetings: just bring exact change - a $10 bill (no cheques, please) - and see Joan, our Membership Director, at the Sign-In desk.

If you cannot attend meetings but still want the benefits of membership: just send an email to the address listed below and we will contact you by email.



King Edward Park Community Centre, 75 Elizabeth St., Brighton

        * Presentation - see the email sent to all members shortly before the meeting

        * Questions and Answers with the Tech Team. If you are a member, you may bring a written question, or ask at a meeting, or send your question via email to the Club.

        * Break and Refreshments: Please bring a cup if you would like coffee or tea during the break. There is no charge for refreshments.

Meeting Schedule for the 2016-2017 season:

All our meetings are held at 9:30am at the King Edward Park Community Centre, 75 Elizabeth St., Brighton.

2016 October 11 and 25

2016 November 22

2016 December 13

2017 January 10 and 24

2017 February 14 and 28

201 March 14 and 28

2017 April 11 and 25

2017 May 9 and 23

Notice to BCC Members:

If you would like to ask a question about your computer or software or receive any of the following: Tips or Suggestions, Presentations, Recommended Software, Minutes of Meetings, or the Constitution:

Please send your request via email to the address listed below and you will receive the requested material by return email.

BCC email address:



We are...

A group of people who get a lot of use and fun from our computers and enjoy learning more about them. We have formed a club with the motto People Helping People. Together, we can help each other and learn a few new tricks!

We meet in Brighton, Ontario and run our meetings with maximum emphasis on education and learning - minimum time on administration. Usually, there is a presentation (by a member or an outside expert) on a topic of interest, followed by a friendly social break with refreshments. Finally the Questions and Answers section - when members ask for advice from our Technical Support Team.

Meeting at Brighton's community centre

The Club provides a great venue for learning about desktops, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices. We cover all types of software - with the emphasis on secure and free!

We help members in other ways - from providing answers to members' questions, to providing a list of suggested free software products and copies of meeting presentations. Between meetings, our Technical Support Team monitors significant computer developments and keep the membership up-to-date by email.

We hope to see you soon!

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